The reasons why have outdoor blinds and awning is beneficial is that it enhances your lifestyle, expands your living space, and protects your home.  And while Perth enjoys hot, dry summers and mild winters, rain is prone to fall, but winter can bring downpours of rain and thunderstorm which can be perfectly handled by a straight drop blind to protect your home, or secure an extra living space from being soaked wet when an unexpected rain arise during mild winters, and have the benefit or use of a sheltered lodge to catch the refreshing breeze of the summer winds.  

If our house has an awning or an outdoor blind, the weather can pretty much be controlled.  When there is a threat of rain or when the sun gets too hot, then we simply unroll the awning so that we can be protected from the rain and shaded from the sun.  A home with an awning makes the temperature drop inside by twenty degrees, according to studies, and this is not true for those without one.  You save on air conditioning costs because your awning will prevent the sun from shining through your glass doors, making the temperature inside the home cooler.  Your carpets and furniture colors will not fade easily if you have outdoor blinds perth since it is the sun's ultraviolet rays which causes fading when it breaks down the chemical bonds to cause the colors to fade. 

Another benefit one get with an outdoor blind, is that unlike a blind which you need to clean inside, is always accompaniedby a messier and with a more arduous effort.  Outdoor or alfresco blinds perth are spontaneously cleaned outside where you can liberally simply spray water and that is it. 


There are many different styles and framing structures you can find in the market and some of them are pre-made, but you can also customize them according to your need.  You can choose from different colors or color combinations that will match your surroundings.  They also provide you a wide range of fabric from which you can choose from.  The design of these fabrics are strong enough to withstand the harsh climatic conditions of Australia, and they are also treated in order to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.  There are also strain resistant so it does not destroy the aesthetic value.  They have an advantage for people who live near the sea because most of the frames are resistant to corrosion.  Some outdoor awnings have automated features which can be operated with the push of a button, and has an automated control system that allows the awning to react to set levels of sunlight and wind intensities.  There are even some systems that allows you to operate your awning from your computer or your cellphone, if in case you want to reset your mounting long before you or together with your visitors arrive. You’ll find some references at